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Find That Water Leak Now!

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Why Use Our Leak Detection Services?

– We are Specialists in Leak Detection

– We also Repair Leaks once the leaking pipe has been discovered

– Our leak detection equipment can detect and locate leaks without causing major damage to the existing structure and fabric of the Building

– All Our Employees are Fully Trained and Insured

– We will respond to all call outs in our area within 24 Hours

– We cover all of Ireland

– Domestic and Commercial Water Leaks Detected

– Repairs or Replacement of Leaking Pipes

– Extraction of Water Caused by Leakage and leaky pipes

– Installation of Dehumidifiers and Other Drying Out equipment

– Reinstatement of Damage Areas ( If Required )

– Monitoring of Systems to Establish No Further Leaks occurring

– Draining and Replacement of any Damaged Pipework, Boilers or Radiators

– Flushing and Refilling of Heating Systems

– Adding Anti Corrosion Agents to Heating Systems

All leak detection work and repair of leaking pipes work can be covered by your house insurance policy.